26.09.201827.09.2018PI CertificationCopenhagenEnglishPernille Flensted-Jensen
04.10.201805.10.2018PI CertificeringKøbenhavnDanskPernille Flensted-Jensen
04.10.201805.10.2018PI CertificationManilaEnglishMorten Lokkegaard
11.10.201812.10.2018PI CertificationSingaporeEnglishMorten Lokkegaard
17.10.201818.10.2018PI CertificationAmsterdamEnglishJan Scheck
23.10.201824.10.2018PI CertificationAmsterdamDutchJan Scheck
14.11.201815.11.2018PI CertificeringKøbenhavnDanskPernille Flensted-Jensen
20.11.201821.11.2018PI CertificationAmsterdamDutchJan Scheck
28.11.201829.11.2018PI CertificationWarsawPolishKarolina Niesiobędzka-Rogatko
11.12.201812.12.2018PI CertificationLocation TBAGermanJan Scheck
12.12.201813.12.2018PI CertificeringKøbenhavnDanskPernille Flensted-Jensen
18.12.201819.12.2018PI CertificationAmsterdamDutchJan Scheck
16.01.201917.01.2019PI CertificeringKøbenhavnDanskPernille Flensted-Jensen
06.02.201907.02.2019PI CertificeringKøbenhavnDanskPernille Flensted-Jensen
13.03.201914.03.2019PI CertificeringKøbenhavnDanskPernille Flensted-Jensen
02.04.201903.04.2019PI CertificeringKøbenhavnDanskPernille Flensted-Jensen
08.05.201909.05.2019PI CertificationCopenhagenEnglishPernille Flensted-Jensen
19.06.201920.06.2019PI CertificeringKøbenhavnDanskPernille Flensted-Jensen
14.08.201915.08.2019PI CertificeringKøbenhavnDansk Pernille Flensted-Jensen
12.09.201913.09.2019PI CertificeringKøbenhavnDanskPernille Flensted-Jensen
02.10.201903.10.2019PI CertificationCopenhagenEnglishPernille Flensted-Jensen
09.10.201910.10.2019PI CertificeringKøbenhavnDanskPernille Flensted-Jensen
13.11.201914.11.2019PI CertificeringKøbenhavnDanskPernille Flensted-Jensen
11.12.201912.12.2019PI CertificeringKøbenhavnDanskPernille Flensted-Jensen



The Predictive Index workshop 'Becoming a PI Practitioner™' is a 2 day training in which all aspects of PI are thoroughly reviewed. The participants will obtain an in-depth understanding of the methodology and become capable of utilising PI assessments in practical terms including in feedback interviews with employees and external job seekers.

Kindly note that seminars in Belgium can be conducted in Flemish, French or English. Please contact us for an arrangement that suits your needs.

Click on the brochure to download

We also offer in-house seminars which are planned according to the company needs. Please contact us for further information. Read more about ECCO's yield from their inhouse management seminar in Thailand here


Fill in the enrolment form to sign yourself or a colleague up for a workshop. Note that your organisation needs a license for the tools in order to sign up for a workshop.

Download enrolment form here and email it You will receive a confirmation e-mail, and a few weeks before the workshop you will receive more info about the workshop and how to prepare for it.

In addition to the PI Practitioner workshop we offer inhouse workshops for existing clients.


A ½ day workshop which gives the attendees an introductory crash course to essential aspects of PI. Provides insight and basic knowledge about behavioural patterns and motivational needs affecting workplace behaviour.

Learning Objectives:
- Reach a better understanding of individual drives and needs
- Obtain more self awareness
- Identify your own preferences and utilise strengths
- Create a common language around PI
- Understanding factor combinations

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Contact us if you are looking for more information about the workshop


A one day workshop which includes the PI FUNDAMENTALS and adds the managing aspects to it. Provides tools to help managers understand the people that report to them in order to manage and coach them to become top performers.

Learning Objectives:
- Gain insight into the drives and needs of employees
- Identify management strategies addressing individual needs to help each individual become more engaged and productive in the workplace
- Create a strategy to identify the requirements of the different roles in the team

Click on the brochure to download

Contact us if you are looking for more information about the workshop

As a new addition are refresher seminars now on offer. The seminars are directed at PI Practitioners who have not been using PI on a regular basis for a period of time. The seminars are free except a small charge for venue, food and beverage.


The Selling Skills Assessment Tool (SSAT) provides valuable information about the skills of your sales force, and the natural next step is engaging them in sales training.


Customer-Focused Selling™ (CFS) is an outcome-based sales development program that provides all the core competencies needed for effective consultative selling— with special emphasis on the particular areas shown by the SSAT to need improvement.

In a highly interactive, adult learning format, CFS delivers the specific knowledge your team needs to consistently achieve better sales results and perform at their highest level. The training is designed to be used every day, not memorized. Participants leave the workshop ready to apply their acquired skills to their own customers and prospects.

For larger sales forces, CFS is also available in a comprehensive, certified Train-the-Trainer format which brings delivery and reinforcement in-house, and customises the training to exactly reflect your business environment.

View: CFS product sheet