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Below users will find links to the login pages of our most used online assessment systems. Please note the LI systems is planned to be merged into the PI system within 2017

You may save these webpages under favorites in your browser, and thus have easy access to all systems.

PI CA Admin System - Administer PI Cognitive Assessment™ (formerly PLI)

You will find all relevant materials for PI CA in the system under the 'Support Centre' menu, if you need training or a refresher. In this menu you will also find a series of short tutorial videos which will quickly enable you to be able to administer the system.

PI Software - Administer PI Behavioral Assessment™ and PI Job Assessment

In PI Software you will similarly find a very user-friendly help section, marked with '?'. This will provide a quick overview of the system or an efficient refresher. The link to Catalyst takes you to a learning portal which contains educational and support materials.

Please contact us at or +45 5389 0535 if you need help logging into the system(s) or if you have any other questions.