We have a wide range of products, some of which work hand in hand in solving your most challenging tasks. These products have been proven to bring optimal results and can be used by companies across the various segments of the market.

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Humanostics believe in solutions rather than products. The many leading asssessments described on this tab should never stand alone, they should be made an integral part of the overall HR and leadership strategy. The assessments should never drive the strategy - the strategy should drive the choice of assessments.

Humanostics enjoys decade-long relationships with some of the leading companies in Denmark and abroad. Contrary to popular belief the tools are just as valid and relevant for startups and SME’s and about 40% of our clients employ between 5 and 100 people.

So we encourage all companies to approach us for a talk - remember an unsuccessful hire is very costly for all companies and in relative terms even more so for the smallest of businesses.