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We work closely with our partners to provide up to date tools and solutions to our various clients. From hiring the right people to fit the right positions to seeing an increase in your sales results due to identifying the core challenges of your sales team, we at Humanostics have a solution for you.

The Predictive Index
PLI Pte.Ltd.
Leadership Pipeline Institute
Predictive Advantage
Predictive Advantage is an international management consultancy that helps organisations to align their people with their business strategies through a combination of insight, education and coaching. Using their products and services which include Predictive Index®, Selling Skills Assessment Tool and Customer Focused Selling, we work closely with our clients, helping them reliably predict work-related behaviour and ultimately to obtain measurable results in the following areas:
  • Developing and Motivating People
  • Attracting Quality Candidates Through Clearer Job Definitions
  • Recruitment and Retention of Employees
  • Team Building and Conflict Resolution
  • Plans for Future Growth
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Sales Performance - sell more efficiently, effectively and strategically
According to Fortune Magazine's recently published Global 500 List, 100 companies are using PI solutions - Why?

For almost 40 years Predictive Advantage has collaborated with the world's largest international companies. Today PI is used by over 44,000 people in 147 countries and exists in 60 languages. Due to the flexibility of PI's products, small and medium sized organizations, even startups stand to benefit just as well from the system creating value for everyone.

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