ECCO Thailand 2015

Humanostics certified the management team of ECCO Thailand in February 2015.

Read more about the session and the their yield here

Reality Bites:

Reality Bites is a conference held at RUC (Roskilde University Centre) and its focus is how students can ’sharpen’ their personal profile when they apply for jobs.

The conference has been initiated by students from different fields and it is supported by RUC, Performance Design, Hum-Tek, Royal and IDA.

The project was started at RUC by Associate Professor Søren Riis and four students (Jesper Egelund, Thomas Larsen, Anna Sofie Cecilie J., and Esben Licht) in the spring of 2011.

The conference was held on May 10, 2012, and Morten Løkkegaard was invited as a guest speaker to focus on the relationship between the individual’s personality and competencies.

Read more on the website of Reality Bites

Or visit the Facebook page here


Venture Cup:

The Venture Cup ’Start Up’ competition was held in June 2012 and was concluded with a presentation of the winners at the city hall in Copenhagen on June 15, 2012.

Numerous great business ideas were presented at this year’s Venture Cup within the five categories (read more on the homepage below).

In this case Morten Løkkegaard participated as a member of the jury which assessed the creative start-up ideas.

Read more on the website of Venture Cup


Suitable for Business:

Suitable for Business is a conference and case competition which creates ties between students and businesses. Furthermore its intention is to create awareness among businesses of the competencies and values brought to the table by a well-educated candidate.

Suitable for Business is held once a year, and in the spring of 2012 the conference was held CBS (Copenhagen Business School) and Morten Løkkegaard participated as a debater in the panel.

Read more about the conference and the case competition on the homepage of Suitable for Business
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